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~Exclusively in Grande Prairie~

Professional Skin Therapists

BioSculpture Certified Technicians

Registered Massage Therapist

Looking to indulge, relax or rejuvenate... visit

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Our professional services include facials, eyelash enhancements, hair removal, hair salon, make up application, nail design, and bridal packages.

If you're looking to treat yourself or someone special to a relaxing massage, we offer massage therapy services including spa packages.

We also offer the world's best lines of personal care products.
Effective December 1, 2016

Bliss Spa and Salon is implementing a cancellation policy pertaining to all cliental in order to provide better customer service, as well as, insurance for our staff.

Clients are responsible for providing a minimum of 24 hours notice for all appointment cancellations. 

Failure to do so, with the exception of extenuating circumstances, will result in a cancellation fee of half the cost of the cancelled service.

Thank you! Have a great day!
Northridge Business Center Unit
105 11709 - 102 Street  Grande Prairie, AB  T8V 7S6